Top SEO Company in the World – Officially

Top SEO Company in the World

For the purpose of this investigation, we are defining the

Top SEO company in the world

as a company that provides an SEO service to other companies.

Software companies and Blogs are not included. 

As the title suggests, this is a very competitive market, and can be difficult to determine what factors should define who is the Top SEO company in the world.


What I am going to do, is use SEO to determine it. In my mind, the Top SEO company, is the company that is winning the Game of Thrones in terms of keywords and Alexa rankings. 

(For this study we are looking at Google as the central search engine factor, which does exclude China).

So when talking Google, the top domain is

When talking keywords, the top keyword is “SEO Company“, though you could argue that the top keyword should be “SEO“, but by targetting “SEO company” we should be able to filter out SEO softwares, SEO information and focus on SEO services. 

So when I go to right now, and type in “SEO company” the first company that shows up is 

Checking there Alexa ranking, they show up as:

  • 230,156 global

  • 63,397 US

  • 179 Backlinks

They claim to be the Top SEO company in Los Angeles, I wonder do they know that they are actually Top SEO company in the World?

So we have our answer right? But let’s just check out some other potential factors that could show up a different result.

Let’s look at, Keyword “SEO” and look for the highest ranking service company:

This brings up –

His Alexa ranking shows up as:

  • Global: 7,443

  • India: 1,919

  • Backlinks: 4,164

Which is ridiculously good!

This guy, you know him:

Top SEO Company in the World

This is interesting, as Neil Patel, the SEO guru, does offer services, and I would assume he owns a limited company, but it is not necessarily the service type that we are looking for.

So we will continue our search. The next company, who actually lists as the Top SEO Company in the world under keyword “SEO” is:

Their Alexa ranking is:

  • Global: 322,844

  • India: 73,444

  • Backlinks: 275

And yet they are on page 1 of for keyword “SEO“, AND… they are only a 9 person time. WTF to that!

Again this is very interesting. These guys, must really know what they are doing to produce the results they are producing.


So the results for Top SEO Company in the World >

Coalition Technologies

 Neil Patel

 Red Evolution

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