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Google adds 30 languages Google Speech Recognition

Today Google Announced that it will be adding 30 additional languages and locales to Google Voice Recognition which will now provide this service to an additional 1 Billion users. With this update Goolge's speech recogniton now supports a total of 119 language varieties on Android, Google Speech Recognition and other voice services. Additionally, it has added commands [...]

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Marketing Galway – Best Practices for Digital Marketing 2017

Image credit, the National Library of Ireland. Marketing Galway How Marketing Galway can take advantage of the latest trends in 2017 To build a successful Digital Marketing strategy, one thing is for sure, you need to keep up with the latest trends. With Technology changing so fast nowadays, it can be hard to keep up [...]

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Apple Announces it is shutting down all VPN service in China, but why?

  Apple announced today that it is removing all Virtual Private Network (VPN) services from it's Chinese App Store, which has opened the company up to criticism from VPN providers, stating that they are bowing to pressure from Beijing Cyber Regulators. It is widely know that the Chinese government restricts access to foreign Websites, and [...]

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Microsoft Launches New Email Marketing Tool – First Look

  Ever eager to expand it's Office 365 suite, Microsoft has kicked it up a gear today by launching 3 new tools focused on Small Businesses. Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings and Microsoft Invoicing broaden Microsoft's suite even further, with the intent of becoming an all encompassing business solution. Microsoft Connections, which is similar to MailChimp and [...]

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China turns to Start-ups in high-tech arms race

Keeping up with high-tech military changes is big business. With increase demands for the Military to Keep up with tech, China turns to the private sector for new advanced weaponry Once restricted to a select few, state-owned conglomerates, the lucrative high-tech military contracts are now increasingly being opened up to innovative private sector start-ups. The [...]

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Top Tech Companies set to Rally Users in Support of Net Neutrality

Some of the World's biggest Tech companies to mobilize users for Rally Next week. Tech giants including the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google are set to try mobilize their users beginning next Wednesday 12th July to protest the US government from dissolving it's net neutrality policy. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is seeking to remove [...]

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Google has de-listed 2.5 Billion Pirate URLs from it’s Search Results

2.5 Billion URLs Removed from Google Search Results The latest milestone for the Search Engine Giant comes as increased pressure from copyright holders has Google implementing a staggering take down effort. Despite this monumental undertaking, reports claim that the company is still not doing enough.  Google announced that in it's transparency report that the number of [...]

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Google are testing a new UI for mobile Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

In a continuing focus on their shift to mobile, Google are testing a new UI version of their SERPs. The new design confirms the increasing shift in focus from Web to Mobile for the Search Engine Giant, with number of active mobile phones in the world topping 2.3 Billion in 2017. (Reference) Features of the [...]

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